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Impetus Theater

An activating approach

Corporate Theater gives impetus. The scenes played by professional actors of the Good Vibrations Theater enjoy much attention and provide positive surprise. They are vivid and powerful. The audience accepts the enacted scenes, since they are created in a plausible and entertaining way.

  • Restructuring ist often connected with reservations on the part of the employees. You succeeded in reducing these reservations. By holding a mirror up to the employees as well as the distinct hierarchy levels encouraging a reflection on one's own position. Thank you for this extremely successful Company Theater
    Quotation about Impetus Theater

Realizing the problem

Impetus Theater makes the employees willing to deal with the issue. We stage a topic without a moralizing undertone and pedagogical overload. If you are told by your superior: "We have to do this now …", you may sometimes react with an inner "I do not have to do anything!" However, somebody realizing the necessity for change by himself/herself is more willing to reflect on his/her behavior and change.

Brief and intensive

The Impetus Theater scenes are between 5 and 10 minutes long. They put a problem in a nutshell and activate the audience. Their incisiveness prepares the breeding ground on which the other forms of Corporate Theater can thrive. The successful mixture of observation, interference and help accounts for a successful Corporate Theater. Talk to us, we will develop a concept tailored just to you.