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Feedback Theater

Put in a nutshell incisively

The actors of the Good Vibrations Theater attend your event and watch it with the eyes of a neutral observer. They pay attention to the communication between the employees, listen to the speeches and get their own idea of your company free from professional blinkers. After a brief preparation period, they present their observations in improvised scenes describing the company and its team surprisingly well. With entertaining caricature, they point to strengths and weaknesses and give new impetus.

  • Your Feedback Theater was ingenious; there is no better entertainment for a conference. With a lot of wit, charm, sympathy, you held a mirror up to us and left a lasting impression on the employees. Your supporting professionalism excited me as well!
    Quotation about Feedback-Theater

Depending on the task: intelligent entertainment or a building block within the process of change.

The Feedback Theater can be created in various ways. Sometimes the focus is on the caricature, sometimes on the accurate presentation of an actual situation, which is supposed to be changed via the change management

An accurate analysis of the here and now

Within the change management, the Feedback Theater can be used to hold a realistic situation mirror up to the employees. Certainly, smiles are permitted now and then but the focus is on the appropriate analysis of the situation. Sometimes the difference between one's own perception and that of somebody else can be rather painful. However, realization is the first step to improvement and a Feedback Theater play is a comparably nice way to accelerate the process of realization. The question "How do I tell my employees" thus has a new and high-attention answer.