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Your employees act themselves

Advancing playfully

If paths are well trodden, a comparable but still completely different situation might help your employees to unravel the knot. If for instance management problems determine the daily routine, the play "Mutiny on the Bounty" breathes new life into the sails. Under the guidance of an experienced Good Vibrations Theater director, the employees enact different parts and leave the deadlocked structures and processes. The path is cleared for new thinking and acting. This freedom, for instance, makes it easier for a clerk to claim lacking appreciation from his/her superior. Vice versa the superior may point out misbehavior – without the person criticized feeling personally attacked.

  • Also the following scenes, enacted by the employees and directed by you, were a big success and positive contrast to the otherwise customary Powerpoint presentation. The Cisco employees did not only enjoy the performance very much, they gained extraordinary experience and new skills.
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Problem solving from another world

If "Robin Hood" or "The Three Musketeers" – together with you we will find a model from the world of drama applicable to your process of change. Close enough to pick something up and distant enough to risk something. Depending on the time frame, the scenes are drawn up together with the employees, improvised or practiced according to a written screenplay. The highlight is the joint performance: Real teamwork leads to applause.

The concept must be right

When your employees act, they require a specific setting and qualified instructions. Fooling around is fun but it might lead into a completely wrong direction. This is why beforehand and together with you we give thought to the structure of training to the utmost benefit of your employees.

  • Restructuring is often connected with reservations on the part of the employees. You succeeded in reducing these reservations. By holding a mirror up to the employees as well as the distinct hierarchy levels encouraging a reflection on one's own position. Thank you for this extremely successful Company Theater.
    Quotation about employees act themselves