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Corporate Theater in Change Management

Prepare your employees for change

The success of change management processes depends on the readiness of your employees to accept change. On the one hand, they should develop a general willingness for the change, and on the other hand they must accept the road map suggested by the company as the correct path. Both require special communication measures that make your employees fit for the change process. Corporate Theatre is a communication tool that achieves remarkable success in providing motivation for change, because Corporate Theatre is emotional communication without the raised fore-finger.

  • The message has been received. Our goal to etablish the part of the special agent has been achieved. The very positive feedback form our colleagues the contants in a clear and readily understood manner through humor and a varied presentation.
    Quotation about Change-Management

Fun opens the floodgates

The current sensitivities of the employees are addressed and taken along. Negative vibes and rejection are converted into change energy with the help of fun and positive thinking. Corporate Theatre gives the employees fun and enjoyment. This enjoyment opens up an access point to the employee, which is otherwise closed due to prejudices and scepticism. Of course, Corporate Theatre cannot convert de-motivated employees into motivated ones entirely on its own, but it gives a push in the right direction and opens up communication channels for others. Corporate Theatre thus develops a fertile soil for your change management process with positive basic vibes.

Concretely, and very near to your company

Corporate Theatre is nearly always customized and tailor-made, because Corporate Theatre must deal concretely with your employees and their sensitivities. General scenes pertaining to the topic of change can give a positive initial thrust only at a very early phase. Of course, here too, the following principle is applicable: The more concretely a Corporate Theatre scene addresses its employees, the more successfully it can unfold its positive effect. Corporate Theatre is constantly a mixture of tested methods and individual task settings, because howsoever similar the problems posed by change processes in companies may seem to be in general, each company has its individual hurdles and challenges that the employees must master. Corporate Theatre methods of different kinds are available for different tasks, and these may differ among other things, in terms of the auditorium size, or their degree of interaction.

  • Restructuring ist often connected with reservations on the part of the employees. You succeeded in reducing these reservations. By holding a mirror up to the employees as well as the distinct hierarchy levels encouraging a reflection on one's own position. Thank you for this extremely successful Company Theater!
    Quotation about Change-Management